Pattern Perforators

Pattern Perforators can perforate the web in any pattern. Optional independently driven slitter stations can be fitted with shear slitters, crush slitters, or perforating wheels. Heavy duty components ensure consistent, precise operation even in the most demanding pressroom environments.

Accurate Print-to-Perf Register

Motorized sidelay and 360 degree circumferential register for accurate print-to-perf register. Unique cylinder phasing extends blanket life and enhances registration.

Optional Circumferential Register Control.

Optional circumferential register controls provide automatic print-to-perf register control, even from a cold start. The system is proven to reduce associated print-to-process register waste by as much as 2/3.

Features and Options

    - Heavy duty construction for years of trouble free service.
    - Heavy duty side frames with rigid structural steel cross members.
    - Plate and blanket cylinders are circumferentially phased simultaneously.
    - Printing press quality spherical bearings on all cylinders.
    - Belt drive or gear drive with bearers for high speeeds.
    - Optional independently driven running perf / slitter station and draw rolls.
    - Motorized 360 degree circumferential register adjustment.
    - Motorized sidelay register adjustment.
    - Optional register control for automatic print-to-perf register.
    - Optional web guide / silicone applicator combo unit.