Technical Support and Service

We support all of our products, no matter what the vintage. Our products are backed by 24/7/365 technical support, an international field service program, installation and commissioning, training, free software upgrades, and available lifetime warranty pc board packages.

Our Field Service staff incorporates over 100 years of printing industry experience. This wealth of pressroom knowledge allows us the ability to tailor the installation of your new equipment to fit any budget; from Basic Startup Services to a complete, worry-free Turnkey Installation package. Other available services include: onsite troubleshooting and repair of existing products, operator and maintenance personnel training, and preventative maintenance programs.

Telephone Support

WPC products are known throughout the printing industry for their reliability. However, even the best equipment can have a component failure and, given today's narrow profit margins, a little downtime means lost profits. WPC Technical Support can often get you up and running, again without having to wait for a Field Service Engineer. Our telephone technical support callbacks are guaranteed within 30 minutes of initial contact.

How Telephone Support Works

Call customer service at (847) 749-4593. Your initial call is taken by a parts specialist who will ask a series of questions including: contact information, press information including press type, units/webs, press number, and the location of equipment on press; the system requiring support (For example: MicroTrak 9500 single web Cutoff on a WPC Model P-120 Pattern Perforator); and the specific problem and/or symptoms. When describing the problem please provide as much background information as possible regarding the system.

After all of the information is gathered, your call is assigned a case number. This number is used to track the problem until it is resolved. Refer to the case number in all communications. Your case number is assigned to the WPC staff member most qualified to troubleshoot your system, he (or she) will contact you within 30 minutes of your initial contact.

During telephone support, you act as our eyes and ears. It's very important that you share as much information as possible regarding the problem and symptoms. Because our technicians will use a specific troubleshooting methodology, please follow all instructions given.

If your problem can not be resolved over the phone, the case number and troubleshooting information will be transferred to Field Service.

Basic Startup

After the equipment has been installed, a WPC Field Service Engineer will complete an inspection of the installation, static check electrical connections, and startup the system. We train your press operators in equipment setup and operation.

For an estimate contact
Or call us at (847) 749-4593.

Installation Supervision/Service

Our on-site coordinator will work alongside your maintenance group or local sub-contractors to ensure proper system installation. Once installation is complete, a WPC Field Service Engineer will static check electrical connections and startup the system. We train your press operators in equipment setup and operation.

For an estimate contact
Or call us at (847) 749-4593.

Turnkey Installation Package

Not enough manpower available to install your new equipment? Let WPC handle the entire installation. We will visit your facility to conduct an on-site survey and meet with your staff or local contractors to review the entire installation and startup process. We will provide you with a written proposal for the complete package.

Replacement Parts and Parts Repairs

We have what you need to keep your equipment in top running condition. Other manufacturers may discontinue supporting obsolete equipment, but we can provide replacement parts and/or repair services for everything that we have ever manufactured. Printed circuit board lifetime warranty packages are also available. For replacement parts or parts repair, call a WPC Parts Specialist at (847) 749-4593.