Upgrade your old CCR to CCR Plus!

Posted By admin at 4/12/2012 12:00:00 AM

The CCR to CCR+ upgrade package will greatly enhance the performance and functionality of the existing WPC register system. Utilizing certain existing components, the upgraded version includes an Image processing package with an enhanced platform, a new LCD control touch screen, and high level Image Sensors which will be located prior to the dryer.

Many features and benfits available:

● Typically registered in 150 IMP
● Mounting before the Dryer
● Air Purge Head
● Motorized Image Head
● Color Image Head
● Touch Screen Operator Station
● Adapts to all presses & configurations
● Tiny Target Pattern
● Easy installation
● 8 Color Ability
● Easy expansion
● Control Cocking Motors (Optional)
● Side to Side Register Avg. (Optional)
● Reliable Light Source
● Clear and Easy Upgrade path
● Controls Circ and Lat Registers
● Motorization packages available
● Lifetime PCB Warranty Packages
● Free Software Upgrades
● 30 Years of Satisfied Customers
● Satisfaction Guarantee
● Operators trained in under one shift
● VPN Modem included for diagnostics
● Quality improved throughout run
● 24/7/365 Customer Service Support
● Cutoff control from same Imager
● Can deal with large register errors
● Option for preset of compensators
● Data Reporting (Optional)
● Complete or Assisted Installations
● Great ROI (usually under 12 months)
● CE rated

And more...