Web Break Detectors

When WPC Web Break Detectors sense a web break, they trigger the press emergency stop and pinpoint the location of the breaks. The system protects your press against wrap-ups which result in costly downtime, equipment damage, and paper waste.

Light or dark printed material, dry ups, web flutter, and blanket washes will not create false signals and false press stops. The low maintenance detector heads are resistant to ink misting and paper dust buildup. Ultra Sonic, Infrared, and Fiber Optic (internal dryer or hazardous area) detector heads are available.

How it Works

Model 300 detector heads bounce light or sound off of the web into a receiver and signal control electronics to indicate that the web is present and lock out if they do not sense a web. If a web break occurs and the press is above interlock speed, a signal is sent to the logic controller. The system de-energizes the press stop relay and energizes the severer output relays.

Model 700 Series

Designed to interface to a customer supplied PLC.

Model 300 Series

Detectors arm and work automatically when the press reaches interlock speed. Operator display provides detector head status at a glance. Displays detector arming status. First out indicator marks which head sensed the break and signaled the press to stop.

Internal Dryer Application

The internal dryer option features fiber optic detector heads with a proven temperature resistant design.

Versatile Configuration

Available in a variety of space saving designs to meet your pressroom requirements. Options include: ultra sonic detectors, infrared detectors, or fiber optic infrared dryer detectors; programmable severer outputs and extra detector heads.