Silicone Applicators

Silicone Applicators apply a thin layer of silicone coating to the top and/or bottom surfaces of the web to reduce static and prevent marking. The system provides safe and consistent silicone coverage at all press speeds with no worry of overflow. The compact auxiliary design fits most any application with horizontal or vertical web paths.

Triple Overflow Protection

Level fault sensors continuously monitor the silicone pan for high silicone levels. If a silicone fault occurs: a warning light illuminates, the silicone pump stops, and the applicator rollers drop away from the web. Large diameter drain hoses and high silicone flow rates help prevent drain clogs and overflows.

Silicone System

The silicone system comes complete with its own reservoir and is compatible with most central mixing systems. Optional water/silicone mixing stations are available.

Electronic Controls

Press speed tracking provides consistent silicone flow, regardless of press speed. Independent controls for the top and bottom surfaces. Digital setting for easy running adjustments.

Applicator and Idler Rollers

Standard stainless steel applicator rollers for smooth silicone application. Special coated applicator rollers are available. Low intertia idler rollers are dynamically balanced for increased roller stability.


WPC Silicone Applicators are available in a variety of space saving configurations including: horizontal web path, vertical web path, ribbon applications, single surface, dual surface, equipment, and auxiliary stack.


- Air Requirements: 60 PSI minimum, 125 PSI maximum.