Web Guides

Web Guides automatically control lateral web position through a steering mechanism located in the web path. As soon as the press starts to run, the system maintains the programmed lateral web position resulting in reduced waste and improved quality.

How it Works

The operator programs the web's final position or margins prior to installing the paper. As soon as the press starts to run, independently motorized scanners seek the edges of the web. Once the scanners are locked on the web, the control system steers the web to the programmed lateral web position.

Web Scanners

Modulated infrared contrast scanners have an average light source life of 150,000 hours and are not affected by ambient light. Self diagnostics determine out-of-service, out-of-calibration or dust covered scanners. Web scanners require no manual setup and automatically retract for easy web-up.

Smart Remotes

The compact touch-pad smart remotes are easy to operate. A scrolling display shows guide mode, tilt percentage, display mode, web position, limit indicators, and scanner diagnostics. Connect up to eight smart remotes per web guide.

Presetting/Cold Startup

Preset web positions or margins and save make ready time.

Steering Mechanics

The heavy duty web steering system features an offset center pivot design, and auto-centering, with servo motor feedback. Feedback to pasters is also standard.

Specialty Rollers

WPC manufactured rollers are dynamically balanced within 0.7oz (20g). Optional spiral groove, grator, or Velcro® wrap rollers.

MicroCom Network

One operator can control multiple WPC systems at the CCR workstation.

Versatile Configuration

A variety of space saving designs are available in 20" (508 mm) to 80" (2032 mm) web widths: unframed (built-in), framed (free standing), auxiliary equipment stack, infeed splicer guide, or margin minder. Call for special web widths.


- Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.003" (0.08mm).
- Typical Guiding Accuracy: 0.010" (.25 mm) press dependant.
- Typical Web Displacement: 2.00" (4.54 cm) press dependant.
- Web Widths: 20" (508mm) to 80" (2032 mm).