Vision Compensator Controls

WPC's Vision Compensator Control ("VCC"), automatically controls circumferential color registration between print couples. As soon as the press starts to run, the system reads a printed mark and automatically adjusts circumferential color registration.

How it Works

The vision imager reads the mark and sends a signal to the system controller. The encoder, fixed to the press impression cylinder, keeps mechanical time in direct ratio with the printed target and sends timing data to the system controller. The system controller analyzes registration and signals the correction motor to advance or retard the web by the compensator.

Auto Cold Start

The vision imager automatically seeks and locks on the target mark, even from a cold start. No manual positioning or lengthy make ready is required. Preset the system, start auto mode, and the system will automatically aligns registration.

Easy to Use Workstation

The 15" touch screen workstation features visual job setup and on-line help. Jobs can be setup, stored, and recalled for future runs. After setup, operation can be as simple as touching a ribbon icon and selecting auto mode. The system does the rest. Easy to use menus reduce your press crew's learning curve. Most crews are fully trained within one shift.

High Speed Control

The system accurately measures ribbon register error on every impression at press speeds exceeding 3000 fpm (15.2 m/s).

Micro Target Mark

WPC Color to Color Register and Head and Tail Control systems can share one common target mark, maximizing press and pre-press efficiency. The mark may be placed nearly anywhere on the web.

Low Maintenance

A pulsed solid state light source and self cleaning optics minimize maintenance.

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