ACC: Unit to Unit Color Register

WPC's MicroTrak 9510 ACC automatically controls circumferential color registration between print towers. As soon as the press starts to run, the system reads a printed mark and adjusts color register.

How it Works

The color scanner reads any process color mark or printed image with a sufficient contrast change and sends a pulse mark signal to the system controller. The encoder, fixed to the press drive, keeps mechanical time in direct ratio with the printed target and sends timing data to the system controller. The system controller analyzes registration and signals the correction motor to advance or retard the web.

System Controller

The compact touch pad controller offers quick electronic setup. A continuous digital display shows register deviation. Modular electronics for easy installation and service.

Color Scanner

The scanner reads printed targets or copy in black or color. A yellow mark scanner is available for yellow target mark applications. Unique pulse mark light at the scanner. Full sheet width bar and quick disconnect cables allow quick positioning without tools. The scanner has an optional air purge design.


Heavy duty high resolution optical encoder.

Correction Motor Outputs

The AC synchronous stepping correction motor yields a quick and accurate response.


  • Typical Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.0016" (0.04mm) on 22¾ cutoff.
  • Typical Correction Rate: 0.05 in/sec (1.3mm/sec) to 0.120 in/sec (3.1 mm/sec) (press dependent).
  • Register Waste Savings: 2/3 of waste incurred without automatic register controls.
  • Air: 5 PSI to 7 PSI.