Register Motorization Packages

Intuitive and Reliable controls are the hallmark of WPC and are continued with the WPC Register Motorization System. Save your pressmen time and make your first step toward register automation by motorizing your register hand wheels. No longer will operators have to run to all couples to make register adjustments. Your operators will enjoy the ability to command register moves at the folder delivery, and command register moves by exact amounts rather than holding a switch for the required amount of time.

Configuration and Installation

This system comes supplied with a color LCD touch screen, motor assemblies with limits for each point of control, and the electronic controller center. Installation is fast and easy, with little or no production interuptions. The flexibility of configuration this system provides makes it the right choice for all of your remote motorization needs. Return on investment can be expected in under 12 months.

WPC can configure the system to fit all of your unique requirements and press types. Once installed the system is compatible and easily upgradeable to the WPC Color to Color Register System or any WPC product line.

Whatever configuration is required WPC can set-up the RMS for a complete solution. Each system comes complete with the following:
  • AC Synchronous motor assemblies for Cylinders,Phasers or Compensators
  • Limit switches
  • All Mounting hardware
  • All multi-conductor cables
  • Complete set of mechanical and electrical installation prints
  • 15" Color LCD Touch screen display