Color to Color Register

The Color to Color Register system (CCR) automatically controls color to color register throughout the entire press run. CCR adjusts register during make readies and after restarts, speed changes, splice cycles, and blanket washes. Featuring a high speed imaging system and the industry's smallest register marks, CCR reduces paper waste while delivering high quality registered print.

Closed Loop Control

A high speed imager (one per surface) scans the moving web for the target, recognizes it, and locks on. Because the system views and measures the target as a composite image, it's accuracy is not compromised by web movement. Up to three times per second, the processor measures the geometric center of each target dot, calculates mis-register based on dot-to-dot relationships, and signals the press register motors to simultaneously move all plate cylinders laterally and circumferentially.

Color CCD Imager

The highly accurate imaging system uses 40x magnification to deliver a precision target image. The system automatically seeks, scans, and locks on the target without the operator, even from a cold start. The imaging sensors are not affected by target size variations due to dot gain, blanket soil, inconsistent dampening, and plate wear.

Microdot Target

The target is composed of two microdots per color, each measuring 0.012" (0.03 mm) in diameter. An entire four color target fits into a 0.0602" (1.52mm) area. With minimal clear space requirements, target placement is nearly unlimited.

Special Features

Special features include eight color capability, store and recall setup, self-diagnostics, troubleshooting via modem, MicroCom intersystem network, metric consoles, serial or hardwire press interface, and multiple languages.

Unmatched Reliability

The imaging head has self cleaning optics. In the field, CCR experiences 99%+ system uptime.

Greater Savings

CCR achieves faster and more accurate register corrections. The result is unmatched print quality, greater paper savings, and reduced labor. The system's waste savings provide a substantial return on investment. Call WPC to help calculate your ROI.


  • Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.001" (0.03mm) circ and lat.
  • Target Dimensions: 0.060²" (1.5² mm).
  • Web Widths: 20" (508mm) to 80" (2032 mm).