CCR Plus

Greater Savings

Because of image head advancements combined with composite target viewing, CCR achieves faster and more accurate register corrections. The result is unmatched print quality, greater paper savings, and reduced labor during make readies, restarts, speed changes, and paster cycles. The system's overall savings provide a substantial return on investment. Call your WPC representative to help calculate your ROI.

Color CCD Image Head

The highly accurate imaging system uses 40x magnification to deliver a precision target image to the electronics for accurate register measurement. The system automatically seeks and locks on the target without the operator, even from a cold start. The imaging sensors are not affected by target size variations due to dot gain, blanket soil, inconsistent dampening, and plate wear. Optional Air purge optics stay clean and free of dirt for a consistently sharp image and crisp target viewing during operation. Optional Motorized Image Head allow for easy head positioning when running dinkies or to just select a target on an advertisement page.

Store and Recall Target Positions

Store and recall target positions to reduce operator keystrokes and setup time.

Touch Screen Workstation

The color touch screen workstation was designed by press operators for press operators. Its intuitive design is easy to learn and use. Operators can be trained within one shift.

24/7/365 Support

Compare our Features:
  • Typically registered in 80 to 150 Imp
  • Optional Air Purge Head
  • Optional Motorized Image Head
  • Color Image Head
  • Touch Screen Operator Station
  • Adapts to all presses & configurations
  • Tiny Target Pattern
  • Easy installation
  • Easy expansion
  • Mount off existing web path rollers
  • Reliable Light Source
  • Clear and Easy Upgrade path
  • Control Comps
  • Control Circ Registers
  • Controls Circ and Lat Registers
  • Motorization packages available
  • Lifetime PCB Warranty Packages
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • 30 Years of Satisfied Customers
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Operators trained in under one shift
  • Modem included for diagnostics
  • Quality improved throughout run
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Support
  • Cutoff control from same Imager
  • Can deal with large register errors
  • Option for preset of compensators
  • Data Reporting
  • Complete or Assisted Installations
  • Great ROI (usually under 12 months)
  • CE rated
  • Over 2000 Register systems installed