Process Manager

Our Process Manager integrates color density, color register, web alignment, and ribbon alignment to bring makeready and running efficiency to new dimensions.

Total Systems Integration

Monitoring and operating multiple workstations is no longer necessary. Manning reductions, waste savings, productivity improvements, and one press controls manufacturer: These are the advantages of total systems integration through WPC.

How It Works

The Process Manager extracts and dispatches job configuration data and presets job specific parameters including web alignment, ink settings, dampening, color lay down, color register target locations, main compensator position, and ribbon line up before the press starts.

The data is maintained in a fully relational database that can include other press control variables. Data can be retrieved, stored, adjusted, downloaded or transferred via a total pressroom network interconnecting all processes and the production planning center.

When the press run/job starts, the Process Manager monitors all processes and checks to verify that the makeready progress is per plan; that all process controls are locked on and the predetermined "pull in" counts are being achieved. This information is conveniently displayed on one screen, focusing the pressmen's attention only on elements of value or events outside the makeready protocol.

Run Profile Database

A run profile database is created for each press run/job. The database is fully relational and includes configuration, preset, and measurements on time/sample of all WPC process control points. The data is stored and can be post-processed for report generation for a wide range of uses such as customer print quality, production and maintenance reporting.

CIP3/4 Gateway

The Process Manager is the gateway to the CIP3/4 server for preset data and the modem port for remote diagnostics access for WPC in-house service personnel including automatic remote systems check via modem to verify system operation and tune/optimize system performance on a routine basis.

One Target for All Processes

One target bar with the unique multi-process mark controls all processes: color register, fold, cutoff, and color density, simplifying pre-press requirements and workflow.