Closed Loop Color Plus Control for Web Presses

The CLC PLUS system uses only one sensor head per web surface to perform both Register and Color functions. By combining both Color and Register functions from a single system, you have the ability to reduce on-press manning requirements.

CLC Plus finds and scans an initial register target to pull in register fast. The system then automatically switches to the color targets to adjust and maintain color density while correcting for color register simultaneously. This cold startup ability of the CLC Plus will have your press in register and density tolerance faster than all other stand alone systems available. From the moment the web begins moving CLC Plus is at work improving quality, reducing waste, and making your press as productive as possible.

Smart Imaging

The color CCD imager can find and lock on to the target marks without operator intervention. The imaging system's innovative design uses one imaging head for target location and measurement.

This allows for improved overall speed and processing of the images (so CLC PLUS always knows what it is looking at and measuring). With the total air purge design image head the sensor remains clean and always ready for the next production run, no large window panels that require daily cleaning like competitor’s designs.

Touch Screen Control

Setup, and load new job forms quickly and easily. Save or recall the color OK values from previous jobs for fast re-run make-readies. The CLC Plus System is so easy to use that press operators can be productive in under one shift.

Unmatched Reliability

The imaging head has self cleaning optics. In the field, CLC Plus experiences 99%+ system uptime.

Multiple Micro-Target Configurations

CLC Plus allows for very flexible targets in many shapes, sizes, and configurations.