Pattern Gluers and Aqueous Web Koaters

Pattern Gluers and Aqueous Web Koaters accurately apply a variety of water based or solvent based remoistenable adhesives, scratch-off materials, and encapsulated scents in any pattern or in full coverage for stamps and labels.

Easy Operation

Quick make ready and ultra thin glue application with one simple hand adjustment. Accurate metering and automatic operation frees the press operator from constantly monitoring the gluer. Special features help keep glue moist and discourage buildup on rollers and cylinders. Water cooled transfer cylinder stabilizes glue viscosity for consistent application.

Quick Cleanup

A shallow supply pan and an overflow drip pan prevent glue spillage. Journal covers prevent end of pan leaks and spills. Pan rests for quick pan removal.

Optional Circumferential Register Controls

Optional circumferential register controls provide automatic print-to-glue or print-to-coat register control.

Features and Options

- Heavy duty construction for years of trouble free service.
- Heavy duty side frames with rigid structural steel cross members.
- Pan metering design.
- Standby drive keeps glue moist when the press is at rest.
- Massive solid steel transfer cylinder to minimize deflection.
- Water cooled transfer cylinder to cool material.
- Precision ground and dynamically balanced applicator and impression cylinders.
- Applicator cylinder designs: plain, magnetic, cross hatched, and reel-rod lockups.
- Dual glue pumps with large diameter return hoses.
- Speed adjustable metering roll.
- Shear pin clutch overload protection.
- Motorized 360 degree circumferential register adjustment.
- Motorized sidelay register adjustment.
- Optional register control for automatic print-to-glue / print-to-coat register.