Prefolders, Angle Bars, and Ribbon Decks

Custom engineered Angle Bars and Ribbon Decks slit the web(s) into multiple ribbons and deliver them to the desired path. Custom web configurations are available. Innovative features and options give you better flexibility, finishing, and control.

Ribbon Control

Our unique design provides accurate slitting and solid lateral web control. Upgrade to Cutoff Controls for automatic circumferential web/ribbon control or choose the Ribbon Control System for full control of lateral and circumferential ribbon position.

Optional Preset System

The optional Preset System automatically pre-positions angle bars and compensators, saving time consuming labor during make-ready and dramatically increasing productivity on short-run jobs.

Using an intuitive touch screen display, the press operator can setup, store, and recall angle bar ribbon deck impositions. When the press operator runs an imposition, the system brings angle bars and compensators to precise positions.

The preset system's touch screen workstation is very easy to use. First time operators can be up and running in minutes. An electronic visual notepad provides color coded web up diagrams and slitter setting information; all saved with the imposition.

Features and Options

- Heavy duty construction for years of trouble free service
- Precision ground driven inlet or exit draw rollers.
- Air loaded self-aligning nip trolleys for positive web traction.
- Available slitter stations: crush or shear.
- Motorized running angle bar adjustments.
- Large diameter air lubricated turn bars.
- Automatic compensation during lateral ribbon position adjustment.
- Bay window idlers present web top-side up or down.
- Multiple exit sections available.
- Heavy duty steel side frames.
- High quality precision ground rollers.
- Heavy duty side frames.
- High quality precision rollers.