Color Desk and Fountains

The WPC Color Desk greatly enhances print quality resulting in make ready and run waste savings. WPC Color Desk provides precise control, even on light coverage jobs, by giving operators the ability to control ink zones individually, by selectable group, or all together.

Touch Screen Control

Save, setup, and load forms quickly and easily. Preset new jobs or recall color OK values from previous jobs. The system is so easy to learn and use that press operators can be trained in less than one shift.


Slide action or segmented blade fountains.


High quality WPC actuators can easily be retrofitted to existing fountains. Accurate WPC actuators are repairable; no throw-aways.

Predictable Moves

Fact: An ink key move's resultant density change is proportional to the size of the key opening. With conventional ink desks, precise moves at small key openings can be unpredictable and getting good color can take longer. Color Desk allows finer adjustments for small moves at small key openings.

Faster Moves

Fountain controllers are linked to the color console via an Ethernet data link. Make ink key moves in less time with key acceleration. The longer the key switch is held, the faster the move is made.

Tethered Hand Held Remote

zero ink keys with the tethered hand held remote. Plug in the hand held remote and zero or maintain keys while in front of each fountain.

Closed Loop Control Ready

Connection Ready to WPC Closed Loop Color Control.

Optional CIP3/4 Gateway

Download PPF (Print Production Format) files from your CIP3/4 server through a high speed Ethernet connection. Software extracts PPF ink control data and presets the ink fountain keys for even greater make ready savings.