CCR-IJ - Color Register Controls for Digital Ink Jet Presses

WPC introduces the new Digital Ink Jet Register System (CCR-IJ) for your multi head, multi tower digital ink jet printing process. With innovative motorized image heads located after the ink jet printing, WPC can automatically register any quantity of IJ heads that are stitching or printing multiple color productions.

The CCR-IJ also automatically registers the ink jet printing to the fixed content offset printing with minimal operator input at the start of new productions.

For the first time operators do not have to manually set up buckets by hand and deal with excessive waste impressions to get the ink jet register into the correct position.

The system communicates with all bucket/tower suppliers for lateral register and with Digital Print Controllers for circumferential control/register.

Prepress files can be accepted by the system for the maximum in make-ready savings and performance.

The system comes able to control both the top and bottom ink jet printing with the proven speed and reliability of the WPC suite of products.

A simple large format touch screen design makes the operators productive from the moment the system is installed and with options such as web viewing and product quality control, you can relax knowing you are printing the correct information on both sides of your product.

Commercial and Publication Presses CCR-IJ will alert you if heads stop printing or start streaking. WPC eliminates the extra web width you use just for Q-mark printing making the ROI even greater.

The System comes ready to:
  • Setup your buckets
  • Pull in your Ink Jet register
  • Pull in the ink jet printing to the offset printing
  • Register Ink Jet stitching
  • Register Multi Color Ink Jet printing
System Features:
  • Large format Color touch screen
  • Motorized image heads
  • Interface to all bucket manufacturers
  • Interface to all ink jet controller manufacturers